New experience

After B's Grandpa's funeral, the local Baptist church had a luncheon for the family. Having grown up in a somewhat progressive, somewhat urban Methodist church, this was my first taste of real Southern Baptist church-lady cooking and I was totally fascinated.

Among other casserole dishes, I ate one that was mostly made up of corn, Fritos, and mayonnaise. Just stop to wrap your mind around that for a minute. Corn. Fritos. And mayonnaise.

There were also potato casseroles, spaghetti casseroles and green-bean casseroles. And ham and yeast rolls and salad made with iceberg lettuce. And lemonade and coffee.

For dessert, there was lemon meringue pie, two chocolate cakes, brownies, a strawberry Jello mold, and cherry cobbler.


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J said...

At my Uncle Jack's funeral, I ate pineapple and cheese casserole for the first time.

I was so fascinated by the corn/frito/mayo combo that I googled it and found a recipe with 3 steps which are exactly as follows:


1. Mix all the ingredients except the chips.
2. Add the chips in before serving otherwise the chips will get soggy.
3. Red peppers are expensive so you can just use green instead.