Excursion, part one

We took Saul to ride the Zilker Zephyr. Can you tell just how much he doesn't care?



Monday Morning Saul

Saul was playing so hard that he fell asleep on the floor in his room.

Playing in the bathtub:

To a limited extent, he now dresses himself. I let the results speak for themselves.

Somehow, every time I leave the house, I come home to this:



When I started this blog, it was just something to do. Later, especially after B and I lost our first baby, it became a place for me to express my feelings, a kind of therapy. Gradually, it evolved into a way to keep in touch with family and friends, and to allow far off relatives to watch Saul growing up.

Lately, the desire to write about my life has kind of disappeared. Posting has started to feel like more of a burden than a release. So I have decided to take an extended break. I will continue to post pictures of Saul for family, but I think that's going to be it for awhile.

I hope I can still keep in touch with everyone, whether through Facebook or email or actual, real live face to face interaction.

Thanks to everyone for listening to my rambling over the last few years.


This I Believe

This particular essay touched me in a way I can't even find words for. I'm just glad I'm working from home today so that I can cry all I want like the big baby that I am.


Portrait link

Saul's 1 year portraits. As always, Carrie made everything so fabulous that I get a little teary looking at my beautiful baby boy.


Because I said I would

Saul's vacuum yodeling. Turn up the volume to get the full bizarreness of it.


blog blog blah

I'm getting a little bit tired of the whole blog thing lately. I love staying in touch with friends and having a place for family to get all the Saul updates they want, but I'm just so busy lately that it's hard to carve out even a few minutes to post. I think I'm going to take the rest of this week off from blogging, but I will probably be back next Monday.

In the meantime, here is my step dad with one BIG ASS TREE that Ike kindly knocked down into their backyard.


Monday Morning Saul

We had a busy weekend, as always!

On Saturday morning, we did Saul's one year pictures with Carrie. I timed it wrong so that Saul was just about all played out when it was time to start, but I have faith that the pictures will turn out good anyway because Carrie is all talented like that.

On Saturday evening, we had Nerdy Game Night and played Settlers of Catan, Set, and my new obsession, Carcassonne. I am so thankful that we have nerdy friends who will come play these games with us!

Sunday was all about chores and yard work and cooking, but we managed to get in a few more games of Carcassonne and Set anyway.

Saul is funny lately. He is obsessed with shoes and the vacuum cleaner. He signs shoes and brings me his shoes and always wants to wear his shoes. I actually put him to bed with shoes on last week because he threw a fit when I tried to take them off.

The vacuum cleaner is a more recent thing. He is both fascinated and scared of it. He wants me to turn it on so he can hear the noise, but he wants to be sitting in my lap while I do it. Every time he sees it, he makes a weird yodeling noise that I'm guessing is his imitation of the sound it makes. I'm working on getting a video of that. In the meantime, here are videos of him participating in one of his favorite past times, and walking like a drunk. Coordination is not something he is gifted with.


Poetry Thursday

No poem, too busy. Bath time with Saul (can you tell he's teething?)



No more words this week. Just pics. (These by my favorite photographer Carrie, who will be doing Saul's 1 year portraits this weekend)