When I started this blog, it was just something to do. Later, especially after B and I lost our first baby, it became a place for me to express my feelings, a kind of therapy. Gradually, it evolved into a way to keep in touch with family and friends, and to allow far off relatives to watch Saul growing up.

Lately, the desire to write about my life has kind of disappeared. Posting has started to feel like more of a burden than a release. So I have decided to take an extended break. I will continue to post pictures of Saul for family, but I think that's going to be it for awhile.

I hope I can still keep in touch with everyone, whether through Facebook or email or actual, real live face to face interaction.

Thanks to everyone for listening to my rambling over the last few years.


Yam said...

Oh no! This is my favorite blog.

Annie in Austin said...

It's been a pleasure to watch Saul grow and to see you have fun being a mom, Steph~ thanks for sharing.


Laura said...

gasp! eek, I am glad that I work with you AND get to see pics of Saul on a regular basis. Heart break.

crystal said...

I not-so-secretly hope this doesn't last :-)

MyUtopia said...

I totally understand. I will miss your post though : )