A Pre-Christmas Post

From a Christmas party we went to - Saul and Laney had a blast on the power wheels, even though he had to be coerced to finally let her drive. Such a little man already.


Christmas Preview

I'll get Christmas pics up soon - in the meantime, here are a few teasers:

Saul and cousin Landon had a great time playing in an ice chest

Saul is obviously B's child - where else would he have inherited a tendency to drink salsa straight from the jar?


Dancing at Mozart's

I kid you not, Saul picked up four college chicks at the next table.


Trail of Lights 2008

Last year, Saul stayed awake while we walked the Trail of Lights, but just barely. This year, he was a little more into it, shrieking at Max from Where the Wild Things Are, growling at some spinning teddy bears, and totally having the best time of his life spinning under the Zilker tree.


Pics for Grandmas

Happy birthday, Grandmas!



I swear, the only time he slows down enough for me to take a picture is when he is asleep.


A spotty Thanksgiving pictorial

I only occasionally remembered to get out my camera during our long Thanksgiving holiday.

Saul enjoys his first non-breastmilk Thanksgiving dinner

Saul lets me know that he has completed said dinner by signing "all done" and smearing cranberry sauce on everything he can reach

Saul plays with cousin Tara, aunt Becky and uncle Greg. Note the vacuum cleaner in the foreground. He managed to find at least one vacuum at every house we visited.

Playing in the front yard with cousin Tara

Viewing his first real live cow

Hanging out at Granny and Grandpa's

My boys

Saul made an abrupt dietary change last week and decided that he likes meat after all. He ate two ribs and two bowls of beans all by himself and was back to begging for cookies only an hour later.

Visiting my great-aunt Irene and great-uncle Wilson. I guess that would make them Saul's great great aunt and uncle?

Somehow I missed taking pictures of half the people we visited. Perhaps someone else should be in charge of documentation.



Tomorrow, I will sit at a table with three other adults and one toddler and we will have enough food for a small army. At the same time, people in Zimbabwe are scrounging individual kernels of corn to keep themselves alive. By pure chance, I was lucky enough to be born into incredible wealth and comfort, and I am beyond grateful for that. It's the very least I can do to try and share some of my good fortune.

If you are as lucky as I am, please consider giving thanks by donating to Action Against Hunger (Charity Navigator).

As Obama likes to remind us, we are our brother's keeper.


Saul ,Saul, Sabrina, and Saul

Be one with the cookie

He's all "look, Mom, there's a girl in my bathtub!"

I think blue monkey is taking


Happy pictures

My flowers are blooming like crazy

And Saul adores his blue monkey


Many facets of Saul

Ready to play face

Model face

Making out with blue monkey face

Anticipating a graham cracker to avoid a car trip meltdown face

Kissy face

Cat burgler bonus


Thanks a lot, Grandma

Saul's head almost exploded with joy when he saw this lawn mower at Terra Toys. Grandma Softie paid for it and it's been driving me crazy ever since.


Hope, I gots it

Here is what Saul was doing while B and I and about 63 million other people helped to ensure that his future will be a bright one.

Now that this election is over, I truly hope that we can stop arguing about petty things and start working on the big problems. I was impressed with McCain's concession speech and I hope that he will start acting like himself again now that the Republican machine is going to let him go. I think he and Obama together could do wonderful things for this country.

I actually cried last night during Obama's speech. Not for myself, but for Saul. I HOPE this world will start CHANGING into a better place for him.


Saul this morning

Saul has become quite fascinated by Sir Chutney of Yorkshire Pudding lately. He is now fondled every time we leave or enter the house.


2nd Halloween

Saul was only a month old on his first Halloween, so we didn't do anything at all. He's still not old enough for trick or treating, but he is definitely old enough to dress up, go to some parties, catch swooning Tinkerbells, and chow down on some vegan cookies!