A spotty Thanksgiving pictorial

I only occasionally remembered to get out my camera during our long Thanksgiving holiday.

Saul enjoys his first non-breastmilk Thanksgiving dinner

Saul lets me know that he has completed said dinner by signing "all done" and smearing cranberry sauce on everything he can reach

Saul plays with cousin Tara, aunt Becky and uncle Greg. Note the vacuum cleaner in the foreground. He managed to find at least one vacuum at every house we visited.

Playing in the front yard with cousin Tara

Viewing his first real live cow

Hanging out at Granny and Grandpa's

My boys

Saul made an abrupt dietary change last week and decided that he likes meat after all. He ate two ribs and two bowls of beans all by himself and was back to begging for cookies only an hour later.

Visiting my great-aunt Irene and great-uncle Wilson. I guess that would make them Saul's great great aunt and uncle?

Somehow I missed taking pictures of half the people we visited. Perhaps someone else should be in charge of documentation.


Annie in Austin said...

You all look wonderful, Steph - glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

Hope you don't mind me popping in on the genealogy question!

If I put your group into my Family Tree Maker program, it would kick out a kinship report. I grew up saying "great aunt" and "great uncle" but those terms aren't used in family trees. The program says you have a Grandaunt Irene and a Granduncle Wilson. And Saul has a Great-granduncle Wilson and a Great-grandaunt Irene.

This way the the names match with the generations: Grandmother & Grandaunt; Great-grandmother and Great-grandaunt, etc.
But whatever you call them - you have a lovely family.

Gardenblogger Annie

MyUtopia said...

I love the picture of him eating the ribs! Too cute!

Steph said...

Thanks, Annie. I like Grandaunt and Granduncle much better.