Black thumb, green pinkie?

I have always had the amazing ability to kill any plant, no matter how healthy, within a very short period of time. Even things like ivy plants, which are supposedly super easy to grow. And it doesn't even require me to actually own or be in charge of caring for the plant. I just have to be near them. However, it turns out that I seem to have super powers when it come to lucky bamboo plants.

Exhibit One:

Please note the size of the pot for scale. This thing has been sitting on my desk at work for approximately two years, and has just recently become a floor plant at the request of my cube neighbors (sitting on my desk, it was towering menacingly and casting shadows).

Exhibit Two:

This one is a bamboo that is on my windowsill at home - it isn't freakishly large (yet), but it is insanely green and healthy. This might not seem amazing, until you realize that I don't think I've ever watered it. I haven't tested my powers on anything else, but I'll keep you updated.

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Jill said...

Maybe the bamboo doesn't need water because it's eating Koala bears.