Just for the record

I'm glad Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. I thought An Inconvenient Truth was an excellent movie. In fact, I was expecting it to be high on rhetoric and low on data, but I was wrong. There was insightful information, presented in an extremely striking and understandable way. Also, someone finally taught Al Gore to not sound like a robot. I think the movie should be required viewing for everyone.

By the way, did I ever talk about how I dreamed that Al Gore had publicly stated that he would not wear pants in his next movie (this was right after An Inconvenient Truth came out)? And that the dream was so real that I believed this was true and mentioned it to several people when his name was brought up? And that I continued believing it until B ridiculed me enough that I went and Googled it? And that there are quite interesting results to a Google search for "Al Gore no pants"? Ok, never mind.

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