Da Vinci Code

So for the first time since I got pregnant, I've actually had enough energy to do things other than take naps this week. To celebrate, B and I took our first outing in close to two month to go see The Da Vinci Code at the Alamo last night. I have four comments:

1. If you haven't tried the chicken strips at Alamo Drafthouse, you are seriously missing out. All of the food is excellent, but the chicken strips outshone anything I have ever had. Or maybe it was just the contrast between them and the stale saltine crackers which have made up the majority of my diet recently. Who knows.

2. Remember when you went to see the third installment of LOTR? Remember how your butt started hurting after awhile? And remember how you kept thinking you had got to the end of the movie, cause you had already passed the climax and there was movie-end type music playing, but then it started up again? Like six times? Ok, same thing with Da Vinci Code. That is a LONG movie.

3. This movie would be a lot more watchable if Tom Hanks didn't have long, greasy, child-molester hair. Or maybe that's just me.

4. The movie was reasonably good, very action-packed, and closely followed the book. But most importantly, the first half took place in Paris, so every few minutes I got to poke Brandon and whisper "Hey, I've been there!"

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