Mighty fine stir-fry and a butterfly

Make the marinade: 3 parts soy sauce, 2 parts rice wine, 1 part grated fresh ginger, and a little bit of cornstarch just for fun.

Add to a bunch of sliced up chicken and stick in the fridge for awhile.

Then cook it up in a wok with some sesame oil.

Add some 'steam-in-the-bag' stir-fry veggies (my latest favorite product) and rice, and eat it up.

And now for a butterfly that flew too high and landed on my 5th floor ledge:


Felix said...

What is it with these high-flying urban insects? Fiend recently had problems with hordes of giant mosquitos clustering on her screen door. On the 46th floor.

Steph said...

Don't know, but I'll take a butterfly over a horde of giant mosquitos any day. Yuck.