I like the idea of a blog as a catalog of my life.

Things on my docking station/monitor stand at work:

1. Purple and white checked origami goldfish

2. Multicolored striped origami frog

3. Small stack of origami paper for use during frustrating conference calls

4. Several business cards from various people I've met in meetings recently. I never know what to do with them - I usually keep them for a month or two and then throw them away.

5. One large post-it note pad and one small post-it note pad, both green.

6. Small blue painted china turtle that I got at the Louvre gift shop last year. It's my lucky turtle.

7. Tin of lemongrass green tea mints from the tea shop I frequent (if you're in Austin, go visit and say 'hi' to Jonathan - he's really nice and knowledgeable)

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