Secrets about me (isn't that what a blog is for?):
  • I will only eat one type of food at a time. For instance, if there are carrots and rice on my plate and I take a bite of carrots, I won't be able to eat any rice until all of the carrots are gone.
  • I own three (count em!) iPods for no particular reason. They just seem to accumulate.
  • While reading big intellectual books in public, I secretly like to reread the books I loved when I was a kid, so I curl up at night with Where The Sidewalk Ends or From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler or The Headless Cupid.
  • I'm a tea snob - I drink organic first flush Korahkundah tea from India for breakfast. In a bone china cup, no less. With a fake British accent.
  • I'm a free t-shirt whore. I will do (almost) anything for a free t-shirt. This Thursday, I have volunteered to spend all afternoon and evening in 100 degree heat at the Austin City Limits music festival for nothing but a t-shirt. I got one last year too.
ahhh...five secrets a day keeps the shrink away.


AstroDude said...

I actually was at ACL on thursday too! I was picking up my ticket for the friday show. Hope the t-shirt was worth it!

Steph said...

The t-shirt was definitely worth it. So was the John Prine/Robert Earl Keen concert and the free cds!

However, I would trade all of that in a second for a 3-day pass!