So a friend of mine at work (we'll call him the Severely Inked Vegan) had never read the Harry Potter books. When the Half Blood Prince came out, I and several of my coworkers went to a HP party across the street at BookPeople and got our copies at midnight. The next week was full of HP discussions and theories. The Severely Inked Vegan laughed and called us nerds. I brought him the first book. Each day, I asked whether he had read any. Each day he told me no. Finally, he asked, "ok, if I read a chapter tonight, will you leave me alone about it?" I agreed. The next day, he brought me the book back and asked for the second one. I brought him the sixth book today. He tells me he plans on finishing it by Monday.

I am glad to have introduced someone new to the books, but I am extremely jealous that he is getting to read and experience them for the first time. So here are some books/authors that I wish I could erase from my mind and enjoy reading for the first time all over again:

  1. Harry Potter series, of course. I'm a hardcore HP fan.
  2. All of Jane Austen's books, but especially Pride and Prejudice.
  3. Orson Scott Card's 'Ender' series - I found and read Ender's Game quite by accident when I was about 10, and I didn't even know it was a series until I was in high school. The books are still coming out, and amazingly enough, they are still excellent.
  4. This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald - I could never much get into his other books, but This Side of Paradise was magical. After the first few chapters, I remember thinking to myself, "This man is a genius. This is the most beautiful book ever written in the history of the world."
  5. The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies - Davies is a Canadian author who wrote during the 50s-80s. The first book of his that I read was an early one (Tempest Tost) that was pretty awful. I don't know what led me to pick up another, but I'm very glad I did.
  6. Agatha Christie - I've read every single book she has ever written, even the Mary Westmacott books. It took me a long time - there are over 100. But one day, I went to Half-Price, I went to Amazon, I went to BookPeople and I had a terrible realization: I had read them all. There were no more. It was a sad day. Granted, they aren't great literature, but I don't think I ever knew whodunnit before she told me.
What books would you choose?

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Jill said...

This isn't exactly what you've asked for, but I thought I would share that I have never seen an episode of Buffy, and I just know I'm really going to like it. So, I want to get the series on dvd, and I don't want to get the series because then I will have seen them and reruns aren't the same.

Books I wish I could experience again: She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. And right now, I'm reading a Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving very slowly because I don't want it to end.

There are other books that have formed who I am that I wish I had read earlier than I did, too. Annie on My Mind would have been good when I was 12, and I wish I had read the Autobiography of Malcome X when I was in high school