OCD and Me

I obsessively carry my digital camera around and document everything (whether it needs documenting or not), but I am really bad about actually moving the pictures to my computer. This morning, I finally ran out of space on my 1/2 gb memory card, so I am emptying several months worth of pictures onto my hard-drive. That means you will probably get to see all kinds of things that amuse me and no one else over the next day or two.

This is my nemesis, Rupert. You may think he is just a squirrel, but he's actually the physical incarnation of pure evil. He and I have been in an epic struggle for three years now. In this picture, he has captured a dog Kong and is sucking all of the good peanut butter out and injecting it with his smelly little devil-squirrel germs in a blatant attempt to poison my dogs.

Remind me to tell you the story about the squirrel-flinger some day.

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