Hello, Universe? Do you hate me?

So I've got this job. That I'm going to leave for three months. Two of my co-workers are going to cover some of my duties. But we hired a temp to do most of it.

So the temp showed up a few weeks ago. I've been working with him every day. He has Excel issues, which is a problem for an accountant, but he's smart and was picking up my complicated reconciliations fairly well.

Which makes it suck all that much more that he quit today. Apparently, he got a permanent job with the Texas Lottery Commission.

So now I have less than two weeks before I quit work. Assuming I don't go into labor earlier, which is a very real possibility. I was planning on mostly working from home next week to finish up some last minute things, but now it appears that I will be here after all, working long days and lots of overtime to train someone new.

I am not happy.

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Laura said...

I feel so much for you Steph! Seriously but you are keeping it together so well! And this too shall pass and we will be Momma's! AHHHH!