One last recipe

I gave up on the 10 basic recipes. The only one left that sounded really good was for croissants, but I decided to skip it after I realized just how much butter goes into a croissant. Seriously. You might as well just skip the baking part and eat a couple sticks of butter.

So I decided to flip through The Book and find a nice, basic recipe that I thought I could make. I settled on vanilla pound cake with a lemon glaze. The Book still manages to make the recipe a little bit complicated, but I had my sister to help and we managed.

The batter was beautiful, all white and fluffy. It came together perfectly, although adding a teaspoon of egg at a time is a little harder than it sounds.

The completed cake was also beautiful, especially once we poured the lemon glaze all over the top.

And most importantly, this was some seriously good pound cake. It was moist and flavorful and dense and silky. I am in love with this cake. I eat more of it than is good for me. When I run out, I'm not sure what I will do. Make another, I guess.

I can't find the recipe online, but I will scan the pages from The Book and email it to anyone who wants. Keep in mind that The Book does not believe in short instructions. The book believes that a few paragraphs are necessary just to tell you how to add the eggs. But that's why it's good, right?

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