Poetry Thursday

This Is Just to Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

-William Carlos Williams

Is it just me or are plums the perfect fruit for poetry? I always like a poem that mentions plums. And in fact, I have a plum waiting for me in the break room refrigerator, so I will think of this poem when I eat it at lunchtime.

I am very happy to say that I got a book of Billy Collins poems for my birthday and have been saving them. The book is in my labor bag for short tidbits in between contractions. I have been told that a big part of labor is just waiting, so I have books and crosswords ready to go.


Pam/Digging said...

You're right. And plums are perfect for paintings too. For that matter, little Mexican plums are strewn across my patio right now, giving it the look of an orchard. A little messy for some, perhaps, but I don't mind them.

Images of ripe fruit ready for the harvest must really resonate for you right now.

J said...

That's one of my very favorite poems.

Also, I picked up Billy's The Art of Drowning and I've been reading a poem a day from it. Fabulous.