Last night, I finished cleaning up my apartment, locked the door behind me, and dropped off my keys at the office. I'm usually not sentimental about moving, but this time I was. I lived at that apartment with B for three years. During those three years, I got engaged, got married, graduated from college, got my first professional job, made many new friends, bought my first 'grown-up' furniture, acquired another dog and a couple of scorpions, learned to knit, took my first overseas trip, and enjoyed the first two years of my marriage. That's a lot of important memories. I have countless stories that involve that apartment, including ones about Rupert (see below, re: evil personified), our first encounter with a scorpion (it involved much yelling and jumping on tables and chairs), and the drunk guy who used to live downstairs and blasted Devo and show tunes at 3 am. So, as happy as I am to have this beautiful new house, I'm sad to leave a place with so many memories.

I know its important to look forward, and not backward, so I will quit my whining now and go eat some black-eyed peas. I had a good 2005, and I'm planning on having an even better 2006. Happy new year, everyone!

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