My O'Keefe commute

Sometimes, Austin is like a separate country from the rest of Texas. Sometimes, I go for weeks without seeing a confederate flag, or a belt buckle that is bigger than my head and I even forget I live in Texas. And other times, I glance into my rear-view mirror on my way to work and get the shit scared out of me because I see a giant, grinning cow skull staring back at me. So thanks to the guy who feels it is necessary to attach pieces of dead animals to his jacked up pick-up truck and drive around downtown at 7:30 in the morning. You have made my day a little more surreal.

Also, did you know that you can now buy a pimpin' Caddy pickup truck? What kind of demographic buys these things? And why did I see three of them on my way to work? (None had cow-skulls attached to them)

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Felix said...

Hm. A literal "cowboy Cadillac".

I think you answered your own question about the demographic that buys them. You saw three of them in one morning while driving from your neighborhood into downtown Austin. They're your neighbors.