The one that was necessary

So. Sorry, I know that no one wants to read this, but I feel like I may be saving someone a lot of headache and money in the future by posting this.

William Mear of Mearperfect Installations in Smithville, TX.

Mearperfect is a kind of dumb name anyway. That bothered me from the beginning.

Anyway, here are some of the reasons we fired him:

  • Significant time overruns - some caused by me and B changing things, but many caused by him just not showing up.
  • Caused a grass fire at the back of our house (especially dangerous with the weather conditions lately)
  • Broke a bathtub pipe (I know it was good when he started because our inspector looked at it) and then tried to charge us for 14 hours of plumbing work to fix it
  • Used caulk (!) on my granite tile countertops instead of grout.
  • Refused to do certain things (like install a shower door) after saying he would
  • Coming back afterward and charging us extra for crazy things like having to cut a hole in the countertop for a sink (did he think we weren't going to have one?)
  • Put a large dent in my beautiful new stainless steel refrigerator door
  • Allowed a tile floor to effloresce (?) and then sealed it in, instead of spending five minutes on Google to learn how to fix it

There are more reasons, but I will leave it at that for now. The things he has done correctly, without trying to find shortcuts, are beautiful. I think he is probably very talented. And he did get us a great deal on a bunch of fancy brazilian tigerwood for the floors. However, he's got all kinds of bad karma coming.


Anonymous said...

you need to remove this or I will sue for libel.
I wonder why home inspectors have to have insurance to cover thier ass when they miss something which thay do all the time.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of bad kharma who had a miscarriage? and another "bad contractor"? and so on and so on.
You guys are unfucking believable. Andf I hope your attorney has told you that the court he filed in has no jurisdiction over our case and the judge who signed the judgement was my ex wifes attorney so she should have removed herself from the case.

Anonymous said...

Let me see... do these posts not show what sort of person this contractor was, and is? Losers abound, and some are odd matches of talent and thievery. When you add a complete lack of discretion in mentioning loss of life, it makes his true character, or lack of it, obvious. You can't run a business with character you don't possess personally. Write it off... this guy will never be any better than he is.