Perils of living with an over-achiever

B ran a half marathon yesterday, and kicked some ass. He will be running the Freescale marathon in a few weeks. He ran a 20 mile race a couple of weeks ago. He only started running about 6 months ago, and only started regularly exercising a year ago. I am continually amazed by his single minded dedication to whatever he is doing. I am the exact opposite. I tend to do everything half-assed. Opposites attract, right? Anyway, while he is out pushing himself to new limits everyday, I have discovered a new way to use up my time:

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Jill said...

TP's running a half marathon next week. I think you and I chose the same sorts of people in that regard.

Also, I'm reading Fifth Business. I like it a lot.

Steph said...

I think that makes us both very lucky, then, because they can prod us into achieving more than we would otherwise. Tell her good luck!

I'm so glad you're reading it! So you see why I got all excited when I read about the baseball in Owen Meany?!

Felix said...

Congratulations to B.

The complete lack of any decent snowfall this winter is my excuse for not going cross-country skiing. Yup.

Steph said...

I seem to remember something about a ten mile hike through hill country, though...

Jill said...

the baseball and the boys school and canada (again!)

thanks for letting me know about Davies. I have the whole trilogy.