O Canada

  • Here are the last five songs that came on the random play of my iPod:
Star Bodies by The New Pornographers
Jhanjra by Kiran Ahluwalia
by Tegan and Sara
by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Wake Up
by Arcade Fire

Four of the five are Canadian artists.
  • In sifting through a huge stack of resumes for a current opening on my team at work, two of my top five candidates are from Canada
  • A family member of mine is dating someone who lives in Canada, which has prompted discussions of visiting and touring Canada
  • The cool girl who pierced my nose recently moved here from Canada. Since she is vegan and therefore shops downstairs, I occasionally run into her and we always joke about the difference in weather.
  • I kept coming across the name of a Canadian author until I finally started reading his books and fell in love with them.
  • A recent project at work has had me frequently conversing with people who work in our Canadian stores.
Texas is very far away from Canada, so that is why I think these seven items (plus more that I'm too lazy to type) must have some kind of meaning. I keep thinking that this must be a sign that I will live in Canada some day, but I hope not because I really don't do well in weather colder than about 55 degrees. On the other hand, my knitting (a rather useless hobby in Texas) might come in handy all of a sudden.

Ok, I don't really believe that it means anything at all, but it still seems like Canada has taken a rather prominent place in my life all of a sudden.


Ender said...

Hey man whats going on. Nice blog layout. Well if you comment back on my blog I will have a link here so ill visit more often.



tortuga said...

Maybe it means that you (and B) should go skiing in Feburary at Whistler in Canada with me and a few friends.

Steph said...

Maybe that is what it means! But somehow, I don't think B will buy it. I mean that both literally and figuratively. :)

KJJ said...

tegan and sarah went to my highschool! ps. skiing in banff is better than whistler.