Chocolate Stout Cake

I don't know who came up with this genius idea, but I hope they were well rewarded. So you start out with Guinness and butter. Can you even think of a better way to start a cake? When those things are simmering, you whisk in cocoa powder. You add that to some beaten eggs and sour cream and then fold in flour, sugar, and baking soda. You pour the batter into some pans and stick them into the oven. It doesn't get easier then that.

For the icing, you simmer some cream and then stir in a half-pound of good quality semi-sweet chocolate chips. Then you just stick it in the fridge until it's spreadable.

Yum. The cake isn't that sweet, but it's very intense. And I have never met anyone who didn't put a bite in their mouth and then close their eyes and moan.

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