I dressed up as Elton John for Halloween, but I did not win our office costume contest:

Hannibal the Cannibal did. He even had one of the facilities guys strap him to a dolly and wheel him around.

We also had a new person at work start on Halloween, which might not have been the best idea. Our office is rather unique at any time, but I got the impression that her former coworkers didn't take Halloween quite so seriously. Her eyes got very wide when we took her by to meet the internal audit team and found that they had all coordinated and dressed up for the 80's prom, and even hung streamers and a disco ball in their area. She was also amazed at how seriously the marketing department takes pumpkin-carving...

Chloe loved my costume glasses and wore them most of the time I was with her today, but I got some funny looks from teachers - I guess I'm not supposed to encourage this type of dress. Personally, I think she was showing great originality. When another kid yelled that she looked stupid, she told me that he was just "jealous because he couldn't pull it off." Have I mentioned how much I like this kid?

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