On Beauty

Last year, when our new store opened, there was a wall of orchids in the stairwell. I wanted one, and many people around me bought them, but I kept waiting for the perfect one and never found it. Then they went out of season. They just put them out again for spring, and as I was on my way to find some fig newtons this morning (WFM store brand is highly recommended, btw), my orchid found me. It was sitting slightly apart from the others, and instead of being pink or white or yellow, was a beautiful cream color, with purple veins. Also, it had two bug clips instead of just one and six blossoms, and I do everything in even numbers only.

Oh yeah, the title just reminded me that I read a book called On Beauty not too long ago. It's a retelling of Howard's End, set in a contemporary (imaginary) Ivy League school. The plot doesn't always translate well, but the writing itself is beautiful and hilarious. I highly recommend.

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