Here are some recent referrals to this site (comments in parenthesis are mine):

I am completely flattered (me too, really)
Coolest apartment ever
Dangerous to drink cold water after a meal
Hunts meatloaf fixins (mmm...meatloaf)
where to buy "nose studs" in austin (you buy them at the "jewelry" store)
Kraft meatloaf with stuff n such (mmm...meatloaf)
squirrel germs
deer repellent for marijuana plants (sorry dood, I don't think I've got what you are looking for)
squirrel flinger (don't bother, the squirrels are smarter than you)
Do scorpions hate lavendar? (Yes. Scorpions hate everything.)
Good carpet bugs
How to make a paper mache chicken (awesome!)

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