Rufus Update - Relief

This is the point in my last pregnancy that the baby died. Of course we didn't find out until more than a week later when a funny test result prompted a trip to the perinatologist's office. So, to make a major understatement, I've been a wee bit apprehensive for the last week or two. Today I had blood taken for that same test, but this time they also listened to the baby's heartbeat to make me feel better. Not only was there a heartbeat, but it was strong and fast and healthy sounding. I don't think I had even realized just how worried I was until I heard that sound. It felt like a ton of bricks lifting off my shoulders.

In other baby related news, my step-sister is in the hospital at this very moment giving birth to my first nephew, Landon. Assuming that he is not as stubborn as his mother, I should have pictures to post by tonight. I would give anything to be able to drive down to Houston to see him, but our weekends are booked up through mid-May right now.

As if to celebrate two new lives with me, my orchid from last year decided to bloom again this morning.

Everything just seems beautiful to me today.

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J said...

That's fabulous.