Busy weekend

On Friday after my doctor's appointment, we drove to Dallas for my sister's bridal luncheon. It poured all the way from Austin, so the drive was pretty miserable. We hadn't been gone for too long when Monster started making whining noises in the back seat. His tail was wagging frantically and he was panting and shivering. We didn't know what was wrong with him until he all of a sudden lunged to the front seat and tried to attack the windshield wipers. He spend most of the rest of the trip sitting in B's lap trying to catch them.

The bridal luncheon was on Saturday at Cuba Libre in Dallas. We had some excellent tacos and a lot of gossip - poor B was the only guy (my sister's fiancee bailed with a hangover from his bachelor party the night before) and he wasn't entirely comfortable with all the talk of shoes and hair-dos and other girly stuff. But then again, neither was I. I'm not really good at that kind of thing. In any case, we had fun and I discovered banana chips dipped in queso. Yum.

On Saturday night we took B's parents to see the Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Museum. I hadn't been to the museum since middle school and I was very happy to find it just like I remembered. The exhibit was incredible. I was worried that I might be a little disturbed, especially by the fetal development section, and B was worried that it would smell bad, but neither of those things happened. We spent a delightful two hours looking at skinned dead people. I was especially fascinated by the blood vessel models. Somehow, the blood vessels of the body or body part were flooded a colored plastic and then the rest of the body was dissolved away with acid, leaving nothing but the circulatory system. Every capillary was left in place. It was the most amazing and delicate thing you can imagine. I think B's parents were a little more disgusted than fascinated, but they were good sports and went through the entire exhibit with us.

On Sunday, we had breakfast with my mom and sister, and then hung out with friends for the rest of the day and didn't get home until almost midnight. We are exhausted today, with no clean clothes, no groceries, and a dirty house. I'm guessing we will spend the next few weeks catching up on things until it's time to do it all over again for the wedding.

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