For my grandpa

After three posts in a row without pictures of Saul, I imagine my Grandpa is getting pretty frustrated. So here you go:

Check out that hair! He's going to curse his genes when he gets a little bit older.

First walk in the big-boy stroller

Our new sling. Like an idiot, I washed the first one and shrunk it. Also included for your amusement, the huge bags under my eyes. Thanks to Saul's new habit of wanting to play at 1:00 am and my being behind at work. Also, check out how Saul uses my hair like reins. He does that ALL THE TIME. I'm considering shaving my head. But don't my eyebrows look great? Thank you, tiny Vietnemese lady on Lamar.

Chillin' on the rug

"I will now eat your camera," he thinks (incorrectly)

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