Screw the Easter Bunny

We went all over town this morning looking for an Easter Bunny to take pictures with. The only one we found was the mall bunny, who wanted us to stand in line for hours with a cranky hungry baby, and then pay $20 for the privilege. On principle, we declined.

The farmer's market, which advertised Easter Bunnies and Easter egg hunts, turned out to have a fenced in reproduction of Lord of the Flies going on, presided over by a seedy looking Easter Bunny with only a pair of ears to signify who he was.

So I went to one of those cheap portrait places where you get a package of pictures with a fake background for $10. Surely they would have an Easter Bunny, right? I wasn't even wanting a live one anymore. A painted background would have done.

They told me that they could fit me in next Tuesday.

In desperation, I finally went to Michaels and bought an Easter Basket and some plastic eggs, and then hauled Saul into the back yard. By this time, Saul was hot and cranky and so was I. He was not very interested in sitting up and looking cute, and it didn't help that he had a nice dollop of spit up on his collar.

Next year, I will plan ahead.


Annie in Austin said...

Did you hear the unhappy story of the Easter Bunny who quit in the middle of the photos at Lakeline Mall?
We never took our kids for photos with bunnies or santas ( I always thought of those situations as petri dishes) but they were important to my sisters and nieces and I think they had the photos taken weeks before the holiday.

Better luck next year, Steph and a Happy First Easter to your little sweetie!

Gardening Annie

belle said...

I love the picture perfect representation of your day! we got bunny ears this year and Burger was the bunny. I like your blog LOVE the photo of the housewife. Thanls for stopping by my booth at the farmers market Belle and Burger,It was real nice meeting you.