I'm suddenly very interested in making bread. I tried out two more recipes from my baking book last week. The first was an oatmeal-graham bread.

I know they look burnt, but that is just the egg yolk wash on top. Next time, I will leave it off. It's made with maple syrup instead of sugar, and it has barely any butter in it. But despite being ridiculously healthy, what with whole grains and cholesterol lowering oatmeal and blah blah blah, it was yummy. Sweet without being sugary and moist without being wet. Plus, it's easy to make. So this one is a keeper.

Then, over the weekend, I made Greek feta buns. The buns themselves are a super soft white bread. Almost to Wonder Bread levels. Not my favorite.

The insides are stuffed with feta cheese. I love feta, but the whole thing was kind of bland. If I make these again, I might add some whole wheat flour to bulk up the roll, and I will definitely add some pepper and maybe fresh basil to the feta.

Listen to me, changing up recipes like I know what I'm doing or something!

I also made a chicken and rice casserole last night. B was suspicious, but after I assured him that cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup were not involved, he calmed down. It's made with brown rice, white wine, and fresh thyme. It ended up being a little bit bland, but I already have plans to make it again with a little more spice and some fresh veggies. I also forgot to take a picture, but it was kind of boring to look at too.

Next up: I'm going to try a rosemary raisin bread for my in-laws this weekend.


Rebecka said...

I helped!

Maternal Unit said...

The bread was great!!!!!

Blake said...

I want your bread.