Random, disjointed thoughts

1. What is up with the weather? It's freaking cold outside. And because of a huge company event happening this weekend causing people to fly in from all over the country, I ended up having to park about two blocks away and walk to work in uncomfortable shoes and only a hoodie to keep me warm. I don't own any other jackets because I LIVE IN TEXAS. I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS KIND OF WEATHER. Ahem.

2. Incorrect use of quotation marks is has surpassed impolite drivers as my number one pet peeve.

3. Saul is learning to sit up. He props himself up with his hands and then slowly lifts himself up until he is properly balanced. Then he lunges at whatever toy he sees and usually does a face plant.

4. I have made a deal with B to make one, and only one, bread or dessert item each month. That way I can still do cooking experiments without making us too fat. For March, I'm considering a chocolate sauerkraut cake. I have heard that it is remarkably good - any comments or suggestions? I also have a recipe for orange-blueberry sweet rolls, and I've been wanting to try and make brioche. Such hard decisions.

5. Now that we have terraced areas in our backyard with actual dirt, rather than limestone boulders and caliche, I am going to fence in an area and try another vegetable garden. At this point, three sides of our house have large beds containing nothing but dirt, weeds, and armadillo holes. Since having a baby did wonderful things for our taxes, we got a substantial refund this year (it's amazing how fast I get my taxes done when I get money back). So that, along with the rebate that's coming (please, Mr. Bush, may I have another?) is going towards a HUGE landscaping project. That means there might be pictures of something other than Saul coming up!

6. Or maybe not.

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manda said...

Ok, you probably already know about this, but if not, take a look: http://quotation-marks.blogspot.com/

I totally feel you on the quotation mark issue. It is rampant and painful.