I thought it would be nice to be important for once. But it's not. If one more chirpy volunteer or recorded celebrity calls me to remind me to vote and caucus, I might scream.

I early-voted for Barack Obama last week. This is the third presidential election that I have participated in, but the first where I have supported any major party candidate. It's kind of a weird feeling to be mostly in the political mainstream. Although at this point, I want to distance myself from those rabid Obama supporters who seem to think we're experiencing the second coming. I feel that it is important to remember that no matter how inspiring Obama might seem, no one rises that high in politics without being kind of slimy.

How's that for cynicism?

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Blake said...

I'm glad you said it - I've been thinking that and wondering if there was something wrong with me, like I should be grateful to have a viable option this time. But you have to be suspicious of anyone who actually wants the job.