Rolling my eyes

So I heard this story on NPR this morning about a family living in the suburbs of Atlanta. The husband and wife both commute well over an hour each way. The woman talks about dropping her son off at daycare at 6:00 am and picking him up at 7:30 in the evening. She talks about buying $80 to $100 of gas each week. She talks about how she doesn't have time to cook, so she picks up dinner from the food court at the mall. She talks about their ridiculous heating and cooling bills for their gigantic McMansion.

Then she says "but it's all worth it to live in my dream house."

Maybe I'm missing something, but I can't see why anyone would choose to live like that.

I know what B is thinking right now: "I bet they don't even have compact fluorescent bulbs." We like to brag about our $42 electric bills.

We're such dirty liberal yuppies.

One more thing: the couple in Atlanta named their son Galileo. Which is a noble name and all that, but I think it is still a cruel trick to pull on an innocent little boy. I hope they've got a good nickname for him.

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crystal said...

I heard the same show. I agree. What nutsos.