May I?

I would like to highly recommend Volume One by She and Him, which is made up of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. Delightful.

And while I'm at it, go listen to the song Modern Nature by Sondre Lerche. It was featured in a rather forgettable movie and the rest of the album is unremarkable. But that one song? It will never leave your head and you won't even mind.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Stephanie dawling (Like the spelling?)

I never get to read your blog as often as I'd like but, it really is a treat and an escape to be able to read so many of them at once! It's kind of like sitting down to a good book. :) I'm sorry I have not been in touch, life here is INSANE. I should be in another country sometime next week and I don't know for how long (But I'll bring y'all back cool stuff if I can). I think of y'all often and can't wait till I can meet Mr.Saul in person. I should have a pretty nice vaca by the time I get back so, I promise to come see y'all! Things here are o.k. but, it really does my heart so much good to hear you so happy- I really mean that. Have to admit I'm envious but hey, my day is coming eventually right? Love y'all so much and hope all is well. Love, Dana