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Lotus at Sarcastic Mom has a, um, thing going on where she encourages people to write about the changes they are making in their lives to help support sustainability. I have already written about our decision to use cloth diapers, so I won't start preaching about that again.

Another decision we made for Saul's health, and also the planet's health, was to make all of his baby food by ourselves. We had several reasons, most of which mirror the reasons we use cloth diapers. The first and main reason is that we feel it is better for Saul to get fresh, non-pasteurized, organic-where-possible, tasty food. But we also considered the trash that is created by using single-serving throwaway containers. Saul eats A LOT. I imagine we would go through 5-6 jars a day at this point. Multiply that by months and months. Not to mention that baby food rarely comes in jars these days - more like plastic containers that 1) leach into food and 2) will sit in landfills until long after we are all dead.

I have to admit - making the food myself is inconvenient. I have spent more time than I like to think about steaming heads of cauliflower, mashing up ripe bananas, and spooning purees into ice cube trays. But B and I try to eat healthy, fresh, locally produced foods, so it seems only fair to do the same for Saul, right? And more importantly, I want Saul to have a healthy and beautiful planet to live on and to give to his children and grandchildren.

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Awesome. And.. he's adorable.