Like anyone cares

I have started listening to the Bryant Park Project on NPR. One of the hosts left last week to go on maternity leave and I find her replacement, Mike Pesca, totally obnoxious. He sounds like he's always had a bit too much caffeine, and he's always jumping in with little quips like he's saying "look at me! look at me!"

I'm not sure why he annoys me so much, but I actually thought about writing a letter to NPR about it.

Wouldn't you think I had better things to do with my time?

If so, you would be wrong.


elizabethemily said...

i've wanted to do the same thing. i listen @ work & i don't know you, but i found this blog post randomly when searching for complaints about pesca to commiserate with. he's awful.

Steph said...

Nice to meet you. I'm glad I'm not the only one. If you look at my entire blog, I've been adding "Pesca Rants" with more reasons why I don't like him!