Rosemary raisin bread

It sounds like a weird combination, right? And I don't even like raisins. But the picture in The Book looked yummy, and rosemary grows like a weed in my front yard.

The dough for this one is really wet and sticky, and I think I added too much flour in an effort to keep it from all sticking to my counter tops. You let the dough rise for a long time - 2 1/2 hours. But I don't think I put it in a warm enough place.

The first loaf came out still doughy in the center. Monster enjoyed it.

The second loaf was much better, but still not perfect. I don't think it rose quite as much as it was supposed to, and the crust was kind of floury. Still, the bread was quite good. The rosemary isn't a really strong taste, but it gives the bread a kind of nice underlying herbalness.

BTW, I'm not sure how all the raisins migrated to one side. I swear they were mixed in evenly when I set it to rise.

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