Something useful

I am offering my son up in the interest of science.

On Friday morning, I will be taking Saul by the new Children's Research Lab at UT to participate in a study about the connections between music and speech in infants. I'm quite excited to have gotten in on this. I am completely fascinated by the working of Saul's brain - even more so since I started reading this book.


Blake said...

That is too cool. Is it an ongoing study, or does he go the one time?

Did you ever have Mr. Pishva? I'm always thinking, "If I were small enough..." I would want to get inside Zoe's brain and understand everything.

Steph said...

Peachfuzz! Yes! I always remember him rubbing his goatee while he talked.

I don't know a whole lot about the study. It seems to be just a one time thing, but I am going to try and get him in on more of this stuff.