A new first

I do believe Saul threw his first temper tantrum this morning. When we got to the UT campus and parked, I got in the backseat with him and let him nurse. Then I sat him back in his car seat while I rearranged myself and then got out and went around to let him out. I guess he thought I was going to drive somewhere else and leave him in the car seat. He screamed and turned red and purple and arched his back and rolled around and hit anything he could reach. I watched for a few minutes, not worrying about all the college students hurrying past me vowing to never forget their birth control. As soon as I picked him up, he was fine. Interesting.

The research lab waiting room was great - there were lots of toys and he only banged his head once. He passed up all the age-appropriate toys and headed straight for a large tow truck toy with matchbox cars stacked in the back. So much for my gender neutral toy plans.

The experiment involved me sitting in a darkened room with Saul on my lap, listening to music and watching a screen. As soon as I sat down, Saul's brow furrowed and I could see what was going through his head. "dark room, sitting in Mama's lap, music...NO NAP NO NAP MUST NOT SLEEP NO NAP!"

So he arched his back, swung his arms around, clapped frantically, and yelled "babababadabamababadaba" until the lights came back on. Have I mentioned that he doesn't like to go to sleep?

So. We haven't even reached the terrible twos yet. Great.

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