State of the garden

Excellent. You can see the first pictures here. I do believe this experiment is going to be a success.


belle said...

beautiful ...we are just getting our seedlings in the ground. It has taken me two weeks to move them from inside( the farmers market has stepped up on the priority list) we have cukes, bush beans and several varieties of heirloom and tomatoes. We will do okra again as well last year was my second year with okra and it was absolutely amazing (because of the rain?!!)It was 10ft tall or more and the flowers were just gorgeous.

Steph said...

Hmmm...you sound like you actually know what you're doing...I might bug you for advice now that I know.

This is our first experiment with trying to grow vegetables. We have issues with deer, so we had to wait until we had built some walls and a fence before it was feasible.

We have okra too, but I think I planted it too close to the squash plants - it's now mostly in shade.