Good decision

So when I was pregnant and we told people that we were planning on using cloth diapers, we mostly got confused looks or comments like "yeah, I bet that won't last more than a week" (except from my Mom, who said "well what else would you use?") The original decision was made for conservation reasons. We just couldn't imagine throwing away 10-12 large pieces of plastic a day for the next three years. But as we researched more, the decision came to be for Saul's comfort and safety also. Most disposable diapers are made of plastic and contain an entire chemistry lab of nasty substances. We didn't want those things next to our baby's skin.

Now, more than three months in, I think this is one of the best decisions we have ever made. The cloth diapers are simple to use, and they are more comfortable for Saul. On our holiday trips, when we temporarily used disposables, we had trouble with leaking and diaper rash and heat rash. We normally don't have those issues. As of tomorrow, we are switching from the old-fashioned diapers with covers to some all-in-ones called Bum Genius. These pretty much work just like a disposable diaper, except that they aren't disposable. They are quite expensive at about $18 each, but they have snaps that make them smaller or larger, so one diaper will work from newborn to toddler. For an investment of about $200 now, I shouldn't ever have to buy another diaper.

I am a total convert. I really can't understand why people use disposables. Cloth diapers are better for Saul's skin, they don't harm the environment, they are cheaper, babies potty train faster in them, and they are simple to use. The only reason I can think of for using disposables is convenience, except that they aren't really that convenient. They leak, they smell, they require things like "diaper genies," and they cost a ridiculous amount of money.

Here is Saul wearing an old-fashioned pre-fold and cover:

And here he is wearing an all-in-one:

Sorry for the sermon, but I feel strongly about this, and it really irks me when people see the cloth diapers and look at me like I'm crazy. I can just imagine them whispering to each other "I bet she doesn't shave her legs, either."

On another note, could I have imagined myself writing an entire screed about the containment of baby excrement a few months ago? I might need to go and ponder my new identity for awhile.


American Unitarian Journal Time said...

What's the cleaning process? Straight to the wash or soak in tub/toilet? or What? Just curious...
BTW I can testify to your leg shaving!

Steph said...

Straight to the wash. That's it. Just like any other load of laundry. And since he's breastfed, it doesn't even smell bad!

I have to admit, my legs get shaved much less often now that I'm trying to wrangle a three month old while getting ready in the morning!

Blake said...

I really wish I had thought of that as an option and done the research. Kudos to you. I wonder if it is too late...

Steph said...

It's never too late! I really do think more people would do it if they thought of it, but disposables are such a given now that other options aren't even brought up. I don't think I would have thought of it if B hadn't brought up the whole waste issue.

BTW, hi! Long time no see!

Blake said...

Yes, hi! I love reading your blog, and if Saul gets any cuter I will not be able to stand it. He is so precious.

I'm going to try the all-in-ones. There's a place in town (only open on Saturdays) where I can go feel them... Thanks for the encouragement. :)