Is that Peter f*****g Frampton?

After much consideration, I have concluded that my favorite movie of all time is not Philadelphia Story or Breakfast at Tiffany's like I previously proclaimed, but High Fidelity. I know this is a lame choice. However, not only do I have a deep affection for the Cusack siblings and Jack Black, but the movie is full of lists. And I love nice orderly lists. They make life so much more, um, symmetrical?

Excuse me, I think my crazy is starting to show.


Samantha said...

There is no shame in loving High Fidelity! Do you remember that poster we used to have? It really is one of the best movies ever made.
I have watched all of Wonder Falls - very cute, thanks! Now I'm watching Six Feet Under. Lunch again?

Steph said...

Yes, lunch! But on a weekend; my weekdays are now packed to tight for anything but lunch at my desk. Or maybe dinner?