I just heard someone on NPR say that she was glad gas prices were high and she thinks people should use less.

That might be the first reasonable opinion I have heard in the mass media.

I am particularly bothered by the many voices I hear clamoring for us to drill within our own borders. Environmental concerns aside, it seems like we should save that gas. No matter how you look at it, gas is a limited resource and I foresee much more dire emergencies than wasteful Americans having to dig deeper in their pockets to fill up their Hummers.

In that vein, I have been trying to figure out how to ride my bike to work. I would have to drive to Saul's daycare, which is about a half-mile from my house, but I think I could leave my car there and ride the five miles or so to my office. It would be a nasty half mile or so on a narrow, curvy road, but then I would be in bike-friendly downtown. Any hints or suggestions? I am especially concerned about helmet hair. And how to safely transport my laptop.


Maternal Unit said...

Personally I would prefer you drive.... or carpool.

crystal said...

Get some panier/saddle bags! http://www.amazon.com/Sunlite-Traveler-Bicycle-Saddle-Pannier/dp/B000AO7EFA

Oh, and helmet hair is only a big deal if you spend lots of time doing your hair in the morning or something... I sure don't.

I'd ride to work except that it's really far away and frankly I tote too many papers back and worth to work for it to work. I'd ride a bus, but the school I work at is in the middle of nowehere!