In which I try very hard not to say any bad words

If you looked out the back door of my garage this morning, this is what you would have seen:

Nice, yes? But if you had looked out that very same door yesterday morning instead of this morning, you would have seen something very different. You would have seen MY (curse word deleted) VEGETABLE GARDEN!

Here is where some of my vegetables are now:

It's not like there are guerrilla workers out building new terraces without my knowledge. You might remember that we had a small incident where one of our walls fell down and took out part of our second floor deck and the whole (curse word deleted) sprinkler system with it. So the landscaping company is back, rebuilding the walls in a different, better, (approved by an engineer this time) way.

But I was told that they wouldn't be tearing out my garden until the end of this week. Last night, I cooked up a pot of green curry chicken. I headed downstairs to get some fresh basil for topping, and was greeted with a torn up pile of dirt. I had been planning on spending last night, tonight, and tomorrow night transplanting the tomatoes and peppers and okra, harvesting the rest of the basil and black-eyed peas, and giving up considering what to do with the squash and zucchini.

I am so furious right now that I don't even care about having a sprinkler system again. Typically when I'm home and there are workers outside, I will offer them Gatorade or water or a bottle of beer (after they are done for the day, at least). But today, NO BEER FOR YOU! BAD LANDSCAPERS!

I am alternating between the urge to throw things at them out of the upper floor windows and wanting to sit down and cry because all of my hard work has been wasted.

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Patti Wright (Sam's Mom) said...

I find it works really well if you get some nice black cat firecrackers and go upstairs and open the window and wait until they all bend over... you know what to do next :)

They'll only jump about 4 feet off the ground.