The Four Year Plan

I'm still working on my life plan. I had the unfortunate realization that I am turning 30 in four years, so I am focusing on goals that I want to achieve by the time I reach that age.

(by the way, Saul will turn 5 a month after I turn 30. Can you even imagine that? Of course not! Somehow it's impossible to believe that he will ever be anything other than exactly what he is right now.)

My goals have become much less ambitious. I'm old enough to realize now that I will probably not be the CFO of a Fortune 500 company by the time I'm 35, I will not ever be supermodel skinny, and it's unlikely that I will meet and become bff with Lyle Lovett. I think I'm okay with that. My goals are now smaller and more focused on internal achievements. I am more concerned with being an effective wife, mother, and provider, and with living my principles. In effect, I am trying to do a much better job at walking my talk.

The thing that stays at the top of my mind is that B and I are Saul's first and most important role models. It's a huge responsibility, but it makes things easier in a way. It's harder to put things off when I have such a potent reminder of how fast time is passing.

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