Doing without

Our microwave died yesterday morning. So I am living like a pioneer woman, making do with only my gas range and my electric oven and a toaster and an electric kettle. You know, just like in Little House on the Prairie.

I thought it wouldn't matter that much, since I cook quite a bit and we don't eat many frozen prepared foods, but I was wrong. I was going to make some mashed sweet potatoes to go with our supper last night, but then I realized that a sweet potato takes a VERY LONG TIME to cook in the oven. And this morning? I had to make oatmeal on the stove. And it took FOREVER. Like 20 minutes or something.

It's an intolerable situation.

In other news, Saul is driving. me. nuts. He has started having mini tantrums, where his body just crumples to the ground and he writhes and screams for approximately 15 seconds. It was kind of cute the first couple of times, but now he's doing it EVERY TEN MINUTES. He has also discovered that yanking my laptop cord out of the wall is a very quick way to get my attention.

I'm considering taking up gin.


MyUtopia said...

My son is also starting to tantrum when he is tired.
I love the t-shirt. I am originally from Michigan. It is Texas summers like this that make me want to move back!

Steph said...

My brother-in-law lives there. I've never been, but I am fascinated by his tales of this thing called snow...

Faye said...

our sons seem to be around the same age, and yeah mine has tantrums sometimes too so your not alone. and he is sick right now so its worse! but your son is so cute! how can you be mad at him

imagine this.. I dont own a microwave! scary huh? we havent had one in two years, and i thought i would die at first! but now we just dont buy the cute little expensive quick meals, and we always reheat on the stove. We use our crock pot a lot, and grill on occasion. I dont miss the microwave. well.. except when i am just starved and dont wanna wait a few more minutes lol. But it does feel nice to not have one more thing that has like radioactive waves of poisonous signals giving me cancer. (ok that was a mild exaggeration :)