Monday Morning Saul

Saul was trying to pull up on his walker last night when it went out from under him and he whacked his head against a corner. It scared me to death because it was so loud, and he cried so hard. But he's fine, of course. Although he has such a big lump on his head this morning that he looks lopsided.

I was a clumsy, accident-prone kid, and I liked to climb on things. The combination meant that until I hit puberty, I usually looked like I had just been in a fight. I always had scrapes and bruises and lumps on my head, and I had at least two confirmed concussions. I am worried that Saul might have inherited those traits from me. I'm not sure I'm ready for the trips to the emergency room that I fear are in our future.

Anyway, earlier in the evening, we went to the park and had a great time. Saul has decided that he likes the slides after all, and the resulting static-head amuses me to no end.

Wow, doesn't he look just like B's mini-me?


MyUtopia said...

It looks like he has a Mohawk!

Anonymous said...

Dang punk rock kids....