Here I am!

I'm still feeling crappy from my stomach flu, but I did indeed lose 5 pounds! I'm always looking on the bright side, you know.

A few days ago, I rediscovered the library. The downtown Austin library is huge and fantastic, but it's downtown and requires metered parking and navigating flashers and panhandlers to get inside. So it's been a very long time since I've been there. Plus, Amazon? I love Amazon with an intensity that is not entirely natural. So libraries have not been necessary for me for a long time.

But anyway, our house is right next to a little tiny incorporated area called Westlake Hills, so we are close enough to be considered in-district for their library. I finally went to get my library card on Monday. The library is a beautiful, two-story stone building that is about a half-mile from our house. They have story time for kids, and lots of book clubs and knitting clubs, and comfy chairs everywhere. The book selection isn't really comparable to the Austin public library, but it feels all small town and homey so I'm quite pleased. I can't wait until Saul is old enough to start all the summer reading programs and stuff like that. My only issue is that all of their clubs meet on weekdays during the day. HELLO? Can't career women take a break from their ball busting to read some chick-lit too? I'm especially annoyed because one of their book clubs is discussing The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox which I just happened to have finished, but I can't go because I HAVE A JOB.

While I'm on the subject, my neighborhood's Mom's Club and Gardening Club also meet only on weekdays.


In other news, I have a SPECTACULAR bruise on my leg. It's about the size of a silver dollar, and it's all purple and green and yellow. I haven't the slightest idea where it came from, although it seems like I ought to remember something like that. I've been trying to take a picture of it all morning, but nothing is coming out.

And finally, I've decided to scrap Recipe Friday because it's a pain in my buttocks, and I'm bored of it. So you will just have to miss out on the Coca-Cola glazed baby back ribs and homemade baked beans I made over the weekend out of one of my new cookbooks. I will probably still put up pictures of food, just because I like to.

Oh wait, one last very random thing. Here is something that happened to me also right after I gave birth. No one warned me about it and it FREAKED. ME. OUT.

Ok, back to work!


Anonymous said...

Hey S.,

If they can interlibrary-loan items from other libraries, that will help remedy their small book collection.

Be sure to check out their electronic resources, too.


The TexShare databases include some solid-gold stuff. WorldCat lets you search library holdings coast-to-coast (so you can find out what to request by interlibrary loan). I'm pretty sure that with the TexShare databases plus the ones Westbank subscribes to on its own taken into account, you now have access to more subscription electronic sources than I do. The Historical NYT collection looks particularly tempting and frustrating, since one of the libraries at which I work has decided to trash its decades-long NYT microfilm collection because it doesn't feel like fixing the microfilm machine.


MyUtopia said...

My Austin book club meets one Saturday a month.

Steph said...

Felix - all that stuff would be much more important if I were at all discriminating in my reading materials, but as your sweet brother likes to point out, I'm not. :)

Myutopia - cool. What do you guys read?

MyUtopia said...

We take turns picking books so we read a WIDE variety of books. The last two were Icy Sparks and Second Glances by Jodi Picoult. Before Noah, when I had time, I would post the books on this blog: http://ladyaustin.blogspot.com/

MyUtopia said...

Ps: For a almost full list of all the books we have read check out my book club tag on Library Things (not quite complete because I only list books I own). http://www.librarything.com/catalog/MyUtopia&tag=book%2Bclub