May I present

The entire text of one of Saul's board books:

¡Hola! Jalapeño - I said Hello! my chile friend.
Señorita Quesadilla, cheese is melting out your end.
Here's la cocina en mi casa (that's the kitchen in my house),
where I eat a big burrito, almost wider than my mouth.
Corn tortillas make my tacos, my tostada, and my chips.
Tomato salsa, por favor, and guacamole dip!
Gracias, tamales, for your masa dough surprise
wrapped up tight in leaves of corn - a present in disguise.
Dance, frijoles negros, with rice we call arroz.
Roll on, enchiladas in your bed of cheese and sauce!
Chicken in a mole bath is my special dinner treat.
Then flan! A caramel custard that's silky smooth and sweet.
Stir a cup of cold horchata with a stick of cinnamon spice.
¡Adiós! my green amigo - I can't eat another bite.

Because in Texas, knowing your Tex-Mex is just as important as knowing your numbers and your alphabet.


Caroline said...

That made me so hungry.

MyUtopia said...


Blake said...

That is definitely one of Zoe's top three books. I just love it.