Nothing much

We took Saul to the library last night, where he behaved like a little beast and yelled and made noise and would not suck his pacifier quietly. There is a very nice story area, which Saul will of course not be enjoying, because story time is at 10:30 in the morning. Everyone knows that working mothers don't care enough about their kids to want to take them to story time. Am I sounding bitter? Good. I am bitter.

There is a great statue of Mark Twain in front of the library. I wanted to get Saul's picture with it, but for some reason he was terrified of the statue. The only way he would get near it is if I was holding him, and then he would only clutch my arm with one hand, and bang on Mr. Twain's head with the other. I have to admit, it did make a very satisfying bang.

I made a chicken hotchpotch last night, which was quite yummy and kind of neat looking. This has got to be the easiest, most satisfying recipe on earth. You simply layer sliced potatoes, chicken, bacon, onions, carrots, and more potatoes in a dutch oven with some thyme and rosemary and salt and pepper. Pour on some stout, brush the top with butter, and bake the crap out of it for a few hours. An extra bonus is that the stout makes it smell like you are baking bread. You gotta love British cookbooks.

I feel like I should have a picture, but I don't. So here is Saul again. As usual.


MyUtopia said...

Don't ya ever wonder why the kiddos react to certain things the way they do. Like what about the statue freaked him out. I often wonder what Noah thinks is just sooo funny all the time.

carrie said...

there could be worse things than being a working mom...like being a stay at home mom who has so much time with her child to do things in the middle of they while the rest of the world is off being productive that you hit EVERY STORY TIME at EVERY LIBRARY with in a 25 mile radius! i am like a serial storytimer.:) (preschool starts in 5 days praise god)

BTW Pflugerville Library has a "bedtime storytime" on Wed. at 7pm. I know thats on the other side of austin but maybe ther is one on your side of town?